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How does an at home Chlamydia test kit work?

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Generally to do an at-home STD test for Chlamydia you have two options. Firstly you can purchase the sample collection material from a laboratory and then collect the specimen yourself and send it to the laboratory. They will test it and contact you with the results. The second option is to purchase a home std test kit for Chlamydia that allows self-testing and includes a test cartridge that reads the sample and shows you the STD test results within munites. TestKitLabs sells self-testing rapid STDtest kits. After collecting a sample from the infected area using a cotton swab the sample is diluted with a liquid. Then the liquid is added to the test cartridge which acts in the same way as a pregnancy test kit. A negative result shows 1 bar and a positive result for Chlamydia will show 2 bars. A failed test will show no red bars at all alerting the user to the STD Chlamydia test fail.  The STD Chlamydia test kit is very easy to use and highly accurate in detecting Chlamydia if present.

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