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Customer Services Information


Privacy - Your privacy is important to us.

Product packaging will not carry any identification that would allow anybody viewing the outside of the package to determine its contents or who supplied it.

Your Privacy Matters! We will not share your email address with any 3rd parties and will use it solely to communicate with you directly in relation to the supply of STD Testing kits. If you do not wish us to send any shipping confirmation emails please advise us via the contact form.


Returns - Your satisfaction is important to us.

Due to the safety nature of these products we cannot accept any returns. If your product arrives damaged please advise us within 7 days and we will arrange a refund or re-shipment of your STD test kits.


Product Quality and Accuracy - Quality is important to us.

The STD test kits that we supply are manufactured in an ISO13485 certified facility. The ISO system ensures quality and consistency in manufacturing and the ISO13485 covers specifically medical devices.


Disclaimer - Your safety is important to us.

With any medical test that an individual decides to self-test with it is important that the individual is suitably informed.

These STD self-test kits rely on the user following the instructions and ensuring results are used responsibly. This includes managing a positive result. It is important to note that by using a home test kit to test for STDs that you are bypassing medical advice and potential counselling that would be automatically offered in the event ofa positive result. If you are at all in doubt as to whether you should self-test for STDs or that you may not be able to self-manage a positive result then we suggest that self-testing may not be for you and that you should seek medical assistance with your STD testing.