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Are convenience and privacy the barriers to more testing for STDs in America?

Instant Test Results STD testing

With rates of the common STDs at all-time highs within the U.S.A., it is obvious that not enough individuals are being tested. Logic would indicate that an individual who spreads Chlamydia from themselves to another knows full well that they have previously been exposed to risk through unprotected sexual contact yet they did not test. Human nature is a curious thing. We know we should do things but unless we get that extra nudge many simply won't. We know we should do things but if a barrier presents itself we will stop. STD testing is not immune to these human traits and many do not test as they show or feel no symptoms and they are hesitant to make the appointment and then discuss the situation with a 3rd party. Then to wait for lab results is another stress that many do not look forward to. With rapid test kits that individual can test in the privacy of their own home and see the results within minutes via the reactant panel in the test kit device. They can order the tests online and complete the entire process without lifting the telephone, leaving home or talking to anyone about the test. Results are within minutes and not days. This puts testing in the hands of the many who were subject to the barriers of traditional testing and plays a part in getting more STD testing achieved within America.

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